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HSC Services, Inc.

781 Progress Court
Williamston, MI 48895

City Assessor's duties

  • Placing an annual assessed value and taxable value on all real and personal property within the City for the purpose of levying property taxes.  We are committed to providing fair, accurate and equitable property assessments for the City residents and businesses.
  • All City property records are maintained by the Assessing Department including name and address changes, transfer affidavits, homestead exemptions, and parcel descriptions.
  • The Assessor established the true cash (fair market) value of real and personal property.  The fair market value determines property: assessed value (half the true cash value), and the taxable value in the year following a sale.
  • Other duties include the review of all instruments and transfer to reflect current property ownership, processing all land division requests, and administering Principal Residence Exemptions (homesteads).
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