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Update: FAQs on Lloyd/Williams Street Construction Project

Posted on March 13, 2024

What work is being done?

The City of Williamston has contracted with Iron Horse Excavating to undertake the 2023 Utility Improvements project on Williams Street and Lloyd Street. The work will include reconstruction of water main, maintenance to the sanitary sewer, and mill and fill of both roads.

What is the schedule for this project?

Iron Horse anticipates starting mobilization of material and equipment March 13 and breaking ground March 18. Final project completion is scheduled for end of May, early June.

What does road closure mean?

The road will be open to local traffic ONLY. This means it will be open to those that live on the road and their visitors (delivery driver, postal workers, garbage trucks, buses, etc.). This was decided due to the complexity of the work being performed, and the size of the equipment required to complete it. Please be aware that there will be times when the construction will have the road temporarily shut down completely in the immediate vicinity of where the work is taking place. This may cause you to have to go around the block and enter from the opposite end of the road. This may also temporarily require you to park away from your driveway or house until the work can be completed, and the road can safely be reopened. We ask for your patience as we work together to diligently to minimize these impacts.

How will I get my mail?

Adequate access will be provided so they may continue regular mail service. The City has made the USPS aware of the project and if they have any changes to their current service, we will communicate those directly to impacted properties.

How will my garbage get picked up?

Residents should continue to put their garbage out on their typical garbage day. The Contractor will do its best to maintain access to all homes throughout the duration of construction. In the event that ongoing work would prevent garbage trucks from accessing all properties, the Contractor will move garbage to a location that is accessible by the garbage trucks and coordinate the pick-up.

Will the bus still be able to pick up my children?

The Contractor will maintain access to the road during school bus pick up and drop off times. In the event of a temporary closure that will limit bus access, residents will be given advanced notice and an alternate bus stop location. The City has made the school district aware of the project and if they have any changes to their current bus stop locations, we will communicate those directly to impacted households.

Will my water/sanitary service be interrupted?

There will be interruptions to your water and sewer service during this project. Residents will be notified prior to any planned or scheduled interruption. Notifications will include information such as the date and duration of interruption as well as instructions for turning those services back on safely.

Who will be performing the work?

Iron Horse will be the primary contractor on this job. Iron Horse has done many similar projects within Williamston and other communities in the past.

My driveway is blocked and I need to get out. Who do I contact?

Fernando Olvera from Spicer Group will be the lead inspector on-site that you may coordinate with for access to and from your house. If Spicer Group is not available, contact Iron Horse’s office at 605-355- 0045. The contact numbers are listed below.

Project Team

Please feel free to contact any person below if you have any questions or concerns about this project.

City of Williamston

John Hanifan, City Manager, Phone: 517-655-2774, ext. 110

Spicer Group

Phil Westmoreland, Principal, Phone: 517-375-9449, Email: philaw@spicergroup.com

Jenn Chehab, Senior Project Manager, Phone: 248-836-8436, Email: jennifer.chehab@spicergroup.com

Fernando Olvera, Primary Inspector, Phone: 616-232-3349, Email: Fernando.olvera@spicergroup.com

Iron Horse Excavating, Inc

Phone: 517-525-8389

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