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FAQ Topic: Public Works Services

Why does the city flush hydrants?

Hydrant flushing is done to ensure the water system is functioning properly and can handle fighting a fire. Learn more about hydrant flushing.

Who is responsible for shoveling ice and snow off of sidewalks?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to remove any ice and snow from the entire length of the sidewalk on their property whether the property is unoccupied or if there is a building or structure on it. Learn more about ice and snow removal.

When is limb/branch/brush pickup?

Collection dates are the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from April through November. This is done by the City’s Department of Public Works at no additional cost to residents. ● This is for fallen branches or minor tree trimming done by the property owner. The City will not collect brush or branches from trees that have … Continued

When is leaf pickup?

Leaf pickup is in the Fall only (no leaf pickup in the Spring). Do not bag your leaves. Any changes to the dates on the calendar will be on the City website and on the City’s Facebook page. If you live on Grand River Avenue, do not put them in the street, only rake to … Continued

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