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FAQ Topic: Treasurer FAQs

Where do my taxes go?

Click here to see a chart showing how every tax dollar paid to the City is disbursed.

My taxes are escrowed, why did I receive the tax bill?

This is the tax payer copy.  We have also forwarded a copy to your Mortgage Company or financial institution if there is a number next to “Mort Code”.  If you have recently changed lending institutions, please forward a copy of this statement to your tax paying agent.  Your agent should then request further statements from … Continued

When do taxes become delinquent?

Unpaid property taxes go delinquent to the County Treasurer on March 1, and additional penalties and fees are added. All questions and payments from then on must be handled by the Ingham County Treasurer’s office. Call the County Treasurer’s office at 517-676-7220 for more information.

Change of property ownership – what do I do?

Ownership changes are recorded with the County Register of Deeds and then the assessor receives copies of those deeds for his/her records. The assessor then gives those changes to the treasurer. The treasurer only receives these updates a few times a year when tax bills are printed and mailed. Please call the assessor, Pete Preston, at 517-655-2448 to make … Continued

What if I think I already paid my tax bill?

If you have a cancelled check or receipt showing your payment, please call me immediately. Sometimes taxpayers overlook a summer or winter bill, or don’t realize they have paid late and incurred penalties.

How do I pay my tax bill?

We accept cash, personal checks and money orders. Credit cards are accepted online. Partial payments are also accepted. Payments for City taxes can be paid at City Hall, 161 E Grand River Ave., Williamston, MI  48895. Review our coin acceptance policy.

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