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Friends of Williamston Parks

The Friends of Williamston Parks (FOWP) is part of the Williamston Area Beautification Fund (WABF).

The Williamston Area Beautification Fund is a nonprofit designed to address the charitable needs of the Greater Williamston community, including the advancement of education, cultural and humanitarian interests; enhancement of the arts and humanities; beautification of grounds, parks and facilities; and environmental issues. Since its inception in 2003, it has enhanced the area’s quality of life by funding improvements. Some of its notable projects have been the Williamston Depot Museum, McCormick Park tree sculptures and the American Legion Band Shell. It also continues to fund programming for the Concerts at the Shell each summer.

Formed in 2015 and supported by WABF, the Friends of Williamston Parks is a volunteer community group working to enhance the quality of life of Williamston area residents by funding, planning and implementing local park improvement efforts. Through recreation opportunities and encounters with nature, we believe Williamston area parks are vital to the community’s character, an asset to economic development and beneficial to people of all ages. In addition to WABF, Williamston Kiwanis, Sunrise Rotary and the City of Williamston are partners in the Friends of Williamston Parks.

For more information on Friends of Williamston Parks – https://www.williamstonparks.com/

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