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Water and Sewer FAQs

If you have a water or sewer emergency during our regular business hours, which is
Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, please call City Hall at 517-655-2774.

If you have a water or sewer emergency after hours, please call 517-992-5022 and the Department of Public Works will be paged.

Thank you.


Did you know that a dripping faucet can waste 207 gallons a day? Leaks waste water and waste your money. Take a few minutes to check for leaks. In the long run it will save you money. Stop the leaks!

The City of Williamston currently averages 67lbs. of water pressure. The table below reflects 65lbs. of water pressure.
1/32” drip 207 gallons
1/16” trickle 828 gallons
1/8” stream 1872 gallons
The smallest of these leaks will add over $575.00 to your annual water bill.

Toilet leaks are hard to find. They are normally caused by bad valves, an improperly positioned float arm or a defective overflow tube. Test the toilet by putting a few drops of food coloring into the back of the tank. DO
NOT FLUSH. Let it sit as long as you can; overnight is best. If color appears in the toilet bowl then you have a leak and repairs must be made.

Faucet leaks are easy to detect. If it drips, or worse, continues to keep running after you shut if off, it needs to be fixed right away. If the dripping water is hot, it is also costing you extra to run the hot water heater.

Water dripping or running from the showerhead when the shower is turned firmly off is usually caused by bad washers or seats, which need replacing. Also, check for leaks running from the tub faucet while the shower is on. If it is leaking, it defeats the purpose of a low flow showerhead because the water it should be saving with the low flow shower is being lost from the tub faucet.

The DPW does not perform work/maintenance on private property, so the service line in your yard or parking lot, and the plumbing inside your home or building is the property owner’s responsibility. The DPW can shut the water off at the curb, but you will need to make the repairs yourself or consult a plumber.

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